We invite you to the glossary for loans they service:


PQR Petition, Complaint, Claim
REQUESTS Matches any request, complaint, claim, dispute or suggestions expressed by the client.
PETITION Information request or additional requirement expressed by a customer and that is related to the products or services provided, not dissatisfaction involves the care or service.
COMPLAINT Oral or written statement of dissatisfaction generated by a person with respect to the conduct or act of an employee of the company.
CLAIM Oral or written statement of dissatisfaction by a customer on the failure or irregularity of any of the characteristics of the products or services provided by the company.
SUGGESTION It’s advice or proposal that makes a customer or user to improve the products or services of the company.
CONFLICT Applies to any complaint or claim which:1. Due to their seriousness or client request is escalated to higher levels within the company.2. It involves legal action or application of policies against the company.