We’ve acquired a compromise to help you find and implement IT solutions right for your business’ needs. Achieving time and making resources more efficient, while we optimize the client´s processes.

CEN: E-commerce solutions:

logo-cenOur e-Business solutions, optimize information exchange between business partners. Allowing the alignment of databases. This not only brings time reduction in the reception of documents but also reduces typing errors, generates visibility, and collaborative interaction between all the members of the supply chain.


Servinte: Healthcare Applications:

logo-servinteWe offer IT solutions developed under the fulfillment of the laws and regulations of Central and South America. Our expertise and knowledge on the Healthcare Industry needs and tendencies. Allow us to offer a portfolio of applications that integrates completely; consulting services, training, and execution. That seek to optimize management and improvement of client’s processes.


Development factory:

We bring outsourcing services of software development for creation, maintenance and support of applications that strengthen the client’s processes. We’re able to generate synergy, working hand-in-hand with the client’s collaborators and bringing training in standard processes with CMMI level 3 evaluation and world-class practices. Also, in the use of generic components that accelerate application development.


Implementing and Third-party application services:

We have a complete portfolio of services including implementing, functional support and continued improvement of our partner’s applications.