We bring integral solutions through outsourcing, which generates value through standardization and optimization of processes from beginning to end. Using a framework of continued improvement and adoption of better practices that guarantee operational excellence.


Our BPO solutions focus in:

Back office business processes, Process factory solutions and contact centers.


Processes Factory

We work in the standarization of processes’ in our clients. Allowing re designed, more efficient processes that generate high standards of quality and value added. Our services encompass involvement, administration and closing of customers. The service covers the consulting process, technology and human resource from beginning to end providing key indicators of itself.

Network Services: ASSENDARED

assendared-logo-postOur service network is built for the technological realization of ecosystem processes Financial and TAT.

Contact Centers



Through Americas Business Process Services, one of the biggest contact centers country, we offer sales solutions, Customer service, Support, Retrievals, Helpdesk and Personalized attention for back office processes.

Americas Business Process Services is the first company certified in the international norm Customer Operations Performance Center (COPC) in Colombia and one of three in Latin America.




Outsourcing of business processes (BO) 


We focus on reducing costs, simplify processes and generate value for our clients in our following services. Website