We’ve acquired a compromise with our clients’ satisfaction. Offering them business solutions in Information Technologies and outsourcing of processes. Which hinge in a culture of continued improvement, development of human resources, and fulfillment of international, legal and organizational regulations in quality, safety, hygiene and occupational health.




  • Maintain high levels of satisfaction and loyalty from our customers.
  • Improve the model’s performance in processes within the organization.
  • Develop our collaborators’ competencies to obtain high performance.




Carvajal IT & Services is a company that integrates business solutions through information technology and processes outsourcing. We believe that health and safety of our collaborators, contractors and visitors, are important factors to achieve success.For this reason, we’ve decided to take on the following compromises:Avoid injury and sickness in our employees, contractors and visitors, by identifying, controlling and minimizing risks.


Fulfill the Legal, regulatory and other requirements that Carvajal IT & Services subscribes in Safety, Hygiene and Occupational Health.


Promote the continuous improvement of the system of Security Management and Occupational Health.


This policy is mandatory for the entire staff of Carvajal IT & Services, and functions as a framework to establish and check objectives for the system.






Create a culture of environmental responsibility in all of the organization’s levels and other stakeholders, answering to challenges and compromise assumed with the environment.Carvajal IT & Services Environmental policy focus in ensuring Environmental protection and bring certainty of its fulfillment to the interested partners, of the requirements defined in the Environmental management system, founded upon the following compromises:


  • Work accordingly to the regulations and laws that apply, and other requirements which the organization subscribes to, looking to preserve the environment.
  • Establish procedures of continuous improvement, implementing programs according with the prevention of pollution of the environment and depletion of natural resources.
  • Manage environmental aspects generated in the development of its productive activities as to minimize environmental impact, through the implementation of environmentally-friendly practices.
  • Encourage environmental culture with environmentally-friendly practices like classifying, recycling and reusing wastes.
  • Maintain commercial relations with providers and contractors that apply regulations that are coherent with the environmental policy, promoting behaviors in accordance with the preservation of the environment.
  • Annually, management will check or approve objectives and thresholds with the environment, as continuous improvement of our organization is established.


Approved by Carlos Manuel Perez on September 11, 2012